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a dystopian cyberpunk arpg where individuals struggle to thrive under the watchful eye of their oppressive government.

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Phuzomedes are the natives of Elleron. These creatures have inhabited this planet since their ancestors first spawned into existence. Our story will focus on them, though the planet is inhabited by many other species who have journeyed here from planets and galaxies far away.

Phuzomedes most closely resemble that of an offspring between a fox and a lizard. They are both quadrupedal as well as bipedal, alternating between walking on all fours or on their hind legs.Phuzo vary greatly in size and shape. The smallest ever recorded Phuzo that survived through its infancy was only a mere two feet tall. On the other end of the spectrum, the largest Phuzomedes on record was a staggering twelve and a half feet tall. Phuzos can have any variety of shape and build as long as they retain most of the species’ unique shapes.

They should clearly have:

  1. A ‘V’ or ‘U’ shaped head

  2. An obvious muzzle

  3. A long neck

  4. A long torso

  5. Long arms with thicker forearms

  6. Oversized hands

  7. Short legs

Genetic Sequences

To start off with, your Phuzo needs some DNA to use as its building blocks. We have a fine selection of DNA available for use, each unique in their own ways.


Intellect or Intellect Stock refers to the more genetically malleable Phuzomedes. These Phuzo tend to be more resilient and take to gene splicing better than most. They also have historically been the most intelligent in comparison to Phuzo of other sequences, hence the name.



Work or Work Stock refers to the stronger and largest versions of Phuzomedes. These Phuzo are more gifted with the innate abilities that Phuzo are born with. This stock is famous for producing the most athletic Phuzo as well. A large majority of world records are held by them.


( shape shifting info found on Lore page)


Luxury or Luxury Stock refers to the most beautiful and visually appealing Phuzomedes. These Phuzo tend to have more extravagant markings than the average Phuzo. They are not the best with the species’ innate shapeshifting abilities. These Phuzo are the rarest by far and the few that survive through infancy tend to become powerful influencers.



Mutt or Mutt Stock refers to Phuzomedes that were born from a Phuzo’s womb and not from a tube. These Phuzo can exhibit a wide variety of different traits and abilities depending on what their parents were. For example, the offspring of a Work and Luxury stock may have more extravagant traits as well as a boosted innate shape shifting ability. They are despised for their unpredictability.



When it comes to traits and rarities, Phuzo are a bit different. Headshapes, ears, fur length and tails can look just about any way that you’d like for the most part! Anything too complex or too large will end up falling under a different rarity. Basically, the more complex your traits are, the rarer the Phuzo will need to be.
The full comprehensive list of traits can be found at the end.


A Phuzo's head must retain a ‘V’ or ‘U’ shape with a distinct muzzle and large eyes. The thickness and length of their head can vary wildly.They also have small round eyebrows that sit on the crest of their brow.


Phuzomedes tend to have long, thin ears, but all shapes and sizes are seen throughout the population. Piercings are fairly common and some Phuzo choose to get cybernetic devices clipped on to their ears for ease of use.


Phuzo have large, almond shaped eyes. These eyes reflect light in the dark, much like a feline’s eyes do. Most Phuzo actually lack a distinct pupil and some tend to have pupils in strange shapes.
Heterochromia is not unusual, but it is uncommon.
Phuzo can also have their eyes replaced with cybernetics.


Phuzo have a single row of sharp teeth on the top and bottom of their mouths with six sharp canine teeth (two on the top, and four on the bottom).
Teeth coloration varies, it is most common to find a Phuzo with white teeth, but some have black teeth.
Their tongues are long, dexterous and can extend up to six inches outside of the mouth. It’s not uncommon for the end of a Phuzo’s tongue to be split into two distinct points.

Fur & Skin

Most Phuzo have short fur covering their entire bodies with longer tufts near the top of their heads and down along the back of their necks. Fur texture and length can vary wildly!Rarely, you can find Phuzos with little to no fur at all. Instead, these variants have scales or thick skin covering their bodies.

Hands & Arms

Phuzomedes tend to have large hands and fore arms and small legs with small paws. Phuzo do have thicker skin on the bottoms of their paws and hands, almost resembling paw pads.It's uncommon to find a Phuzo with retractable claws.

Legs & Feet

Phuzomedes have small rear legs with feline-like paws. These paws often have retractable claws, but some Phuzos do not.Some rare few don't have paws, but instead have more bird-like feet, hooves or even raptor talons.


Tails come in all shapes and sizes for Phuzos. Some Phuzo lack tails entirely, some have tiny nubs that are barely noticeable, and some have tails so long that they get stuck in subway doors.
It's more common to find Phuzo with furred tails. Occasionally, you may find one with spines or antennae but only rarely.

Comprehensive List of Traits

Traits can be mixed and matched and combined to make new traits all together. Some traits are not listed here. Those traits are earnable through events only.Common Luxury Phuzos can have up to 2 uncommon traits.
Uncommon Luxury Phuzos can have up to 1 rare trait.
Rare Luxury Phuzos can have up to 1 minor mutation.


  • No Pupils

  • Round Pupils

  • Slit Pupils

  • Common Ears (short, medium, long)

  • Fur (short, medium, long)

  • Common Tails (short, medium, long)

  • Average Height (4 - 6 ft)


  • Animal Pupils

  • Glowing Pupils

  • Heterochromia

  • Ringed Irises

  • Overgrown Teeth

  • No Teeth

  • Antennae

  • Small Horns

  • Medium Horns

  • Uncommon Ears (Extra long, more complex shapes)

  • Retractable Claws

  • Uncommon Tails (Extra long, coiled)

  • Extremely Long Fur

  • Hairless

  • Extreme Mane

  • Split Tail

  • Capes

  • Ponchos

  • Pouch

  • Hoods

  • Frills

  • Gills

  • Minor Gigantism ( 6 - 8 ft)

  • Dwarfism ( 2 - 3ft)


  • Shape Pupils (ex: heart, triangle, etc)

  • Broken Pupils

  • Multiple Eyes (Up to 4 total, must be on the face)

  • Colored Sclera

  • Feathers

  • Scaling

  • Head Crest (ex: triceratops)

  • Webbing

  • Patagium

  • Plating

  • Body Spikes

  • Spines

  • Long Horns

  • Spikey/Plated Horns

  • Extremely Long Horns

  • Nose Horn(s)

  • Extra Ears (Up to four additional ears)

  • Spiked Ears

  • Extremely Long Ears

  • Monstrous Teeth (Tusks, Fish Teeth, Seal Teeth, etc)

  • Alternate Legs (hooves, bird feet, etc)

  • Alternate Arms

  • Talons (Extremely long claws)

  • Long Tongue

  • Unusual Tail Tip (ex: Spade)

  • Prehensile Tail

  • Multiple Tails (up to five)

  • Gigantism ( 8 - 12 ft)

Modified Traits

It's not uncommon to see Phuzo with cybernetic limbs. It's unfortunately a standard for those who suffer from genetic deterioration, radiation poisoning, or even from injuries suffered beyond the safe walls of Praque.
Common MYOs are allotted 4 Common Modified Traits.
Uncommon MYOs are allotted 6 Common/Uncommon Modified Traits.
Rare MYOs are allotted 8 Common/Uncommon/Rare Modified Traits.


  • Cybernetic Hand

  • Cybernetic Arm

  • Cybernetic Foot

  • Cybernetic Leg

  • Cybernetic Tail

  • Cybernetic Eye


  • Cybernetic Torso

  • Cybernetic Head

  • Internal Cybernetics


  • Neural Enhancement Chip (Allows you to add additional effects to your cybernetics, going beyond their original capabilities. Ex: super strength, weapons, tools. One per chip)


Mutations are created by errors that occur in the Phuzo's DNA sequence either at birth or after gene splicing. These mutations can be detrimental to the Phuzo's health, but some Phuzo actually seek out these potentially deadly mutations. Mutations are seen as a symbol of wealth in Phuzo society.Some mutations are SEASONAL and can only be obtained from our BLACKMARKET NPC, Oleander. Those mutations have been marked with a ✦


  • Reflective / Metallic markings

  • Glittery Flecks

  • Seasonal Coat (pelt changes color with the seasons)

  • Bioluminescence

  • Nerve Luminance (creates a bioluminescent pulse that flows up the path of the nerves)

  • Clear/Translucent Skin

  • Elongated Body/Tail

  • Exposed Bone

  • Colored Bone (not black or white)

  • Polydactyly

  • One central eye

  • Chameleon Eyes

  • ✦ Flightless Wings

  • ✦ Chameleon Blood (mucus membranes & skin can change color on command)

  • ✦ Minor Plant Growth (small sprouts or leaves growing from a phuzo)

  • ✦ Smoke Pits (gills that release transparent gas)

  • ✦ Candy Parts (growths made from excess glucose)


  • Mammalian Head

  • Reptilian Head

  • Additional Head (one per mutation)

  • Split jaw

  • Internal Maw (like a moray)

  • Throat Pouch (can be inflated like a frog or used to store items)

  • Abnormal teeth (complex teeth that need additional changes to work, ex: snake fangs)

  • Abnormal Limbs (ex: wings instead of arms)

  • Split limbs (ex: two hands on one arm)

  • Additional Limbs (max of 2 per mutation)

  • Body maws (up to 12)

  • Monstrous Maw

  • Body eyes (up to 12)

  • Abnormal growths (ex: axolotl gills, angler lure)

  • Turtle Shell

  • Abnormal Tail (ex: functional scorpion tail)

  • Flight Capable Wings

  • ✦ Avian Head

  • ✦ Amphibian Head

  • ✦ Aquatic Head

  • ✦ Monstrous Head

  • ✦ Sentient Body Part

  • ✦ Goop Body Parts

  • ✦ Crystal Growths

  • ✦ Major Plant Growth (larger complex plants growing from a phuzo)

  • ✦ Aquatic Lower Body (mermaid)

  • ✦ Reptilian Lower Body (naga)

  • ✦ Acidic Fluids (ex: blood, spit)

  • ✦ Quills (can be shot out)


While shapeshifting is standard for all Phuzo, some phuzo have access to other unique abilities. There have been phuzo who can seemingly breathe fire — another who could reattach a severed limb with little to no medical assistance. There was even a Phuzo who could grow new limbs on demand, and in the same breath cause others to dissolve in the blink of an eye.

Shape Shifting

!!! Warning, flashing images ahead. !!!

Shapeshfiting is an ability that almost every Phuzomedes is able to perform once they're removed from their tube.Reportedly, WORK STOCK are the most gifted in this aspect, and the majority of LUXURY STOCK aren't able to shift at all.There are 4 tiers of extremes when it comes to shapeshifting: 1 = 25%, 2= 50%, 3= 75%, 4 = 100%.
Only MUTTS are able to obtain shapeshift 4.

These percentiles refer to the percent of the Phuzo’s body that can be changed at a time. Shapeshifting can be something as simple as making yourself larger to something as complex as entirely changing anatomy altogether.Shapeshifting is limited in its ability. You cannot shapeshift forever and trying to shift too many aspects of yourself at once causes immense stress. Phuzo who have pushed their talents beyond what they’re capable of often lose themselves in the process, either mentally or physically. In all cases, death has occurred in the end.Shapeshifting is limited to your form. You cannot shift the colors of your fur, skin, mucus membranes, or eyes. You can grow your claws to be three times the size they used to be, or expand your muscles so you can lift something beyond your initial capabilities.

Shape shift four

Shapeshift 4 breaks nearly all the rules priorly mentioned about the lower shapeshift tiers. Shapeshift 4 allows a phuzo to grow new appendages they didn't have before, like a second head or four pairs of wings. They can increase their mass to be three to four times the size it used to be.Shapeshift 4 is wildly dangerous for the untrained to attempt. Many MUTTS who shift for the first time can lose control and go on a rampage.The more energy you put into your shift, the harder it is to maintain. This applies to Shapeshift 4 as well. Taking on such a monstrous form is temporary, and cannot be held forever without constantly resting. Experienced mutts can hold their shifted form indefinitely, as long as they dedicate time to meditation and rest.

Advanced Abilities

As mentioned prior, there are more abilities beyond shape shifting. It's uncertain as to what causes Phuzo to obtain these other abilities, though rumor has it it's through DNA experimentation or over exposure to radiation.


  • Divinity's Breath: FIRE/SMOKE

  • Divinity's Breath: WATER/VAPOR

  • Divinity's Breath: LIGHTNING

  • Divinity's Breath: ACID/TAR

  • Element Manipulation (can influence movement or summon aspects of a certain element)

  • Fauna Speech (you seem to have a way with beasts)

  • Flora Speech (plants can whisper their secrets unto you)

  • Wild Surge (you're filled with an influx of powerful energy, higher tiers of shapeshift enhance this power)

  • Frankenstine'd (can remove their own limbs and swap them with others, lower chance of death)

  • Degeneration (can absorb limbs/body parts and appendages at will and then regrow them at a later date)

  • Prophet's Sight (you can glimpse into the immediate future, your sleep is often plagued with night terrors of what may come)

World Lore

The archives that stored Elleron's vast knowledge were damaged severely during the Great War. Now that civilization has returned to the once barren wasteland, attempts to recover the centuries lost have begun.Expedition teams are working hard to reclaim lost knowledge.

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pre-war Elleron

Not much is known about Elleron prior to the Great War, save that it was a horrible place to exist. Nothing exists to state how long ago the Great War even was, save that it was a minimum of several centuries, by this point. However, the technological advancements of the planet as a whole were marvelous, though many such testaments are lost to time or lie in ruin.

Post-War Elleron

Not unlike a phoenix, Elleron slowly underwent the process of rebirth as it rose from the shambles and ashes of war.
Satellite connection has yet to be established. Below is a compilation of old scans of the planet combined with new knowledge our scholars have collected.

[blue marker]

The great city of Praque, located in the country of Iyzmiska, has all but returned to its former glory. Headed by the brilliant minds at NEOGEN, Praque has become the most technologically advanced city on the planet. Beyond the safety of the city’s walls lies a desolate radioactive wasteland that houses all manner of hazards. It is the only city with a functioning spaceport and, as such, is the only location denizens of Elleron can legally leave and return to when traveling through space.

[green marker]

A large collection of various metal scrap piled up out in the wastes. A single Phuzo calls this junkyard home, and his name is Scavver. A friend to all and enemy to a select few, Scavver spends his time amassing his collection of various items and also happens to run a shop out of his shed. He happy trades with anyone who stumbles across his humble abode. He can be a bit touchy at times and his cooked smirk and shifty eyes can be off putting to some, but good trades always come first.

[red marker]

The home of the mutts. An entire city, hidden beneath the earth. The majority of Elleron's Mutt Phuzos call this place their home. These phuzos live peacefully amongst each other and flourish. What they lack in technological advancement they make up for in community. Completely different than the propaganda Iyzmiska drills into their citizens.

There are many names for the dangerous, radioactive wastelands surrounding not only the city of Praque but the entire planet. The waste is dangerous firstly due to the hazardous levels of radiation and secondly due to the mutated monstrosities that call it home. Venturing out into the wastes is a death sentence for most, but a select few are granted permission to enter by the Izymiska government. These teams consist of brave Phuzomedes who are risking their lives to further the reclamation and expansion of our world.

Unlike Phuzomedes that are grown within the tubes of NEOGEN’s prenatal wards, colloquially dubbed “baby gardens”, there exist some individuals born of a natural birth. These Phuzos are condemned by Praque, and dubbed “Mutts”, as they are unpredictable and often cause damage to the structure of Iyzmiskan society. If a societal upset or protest occurs, quite often it is blamed on Mutts who desire to see Praque’s way of life dissolved. Mutts lack the cybernetic chip implanted into all NEOGEN-grown Phuzo early into fetal development that allows them to interact with nearly all facets of life within Praque.

When combined with the rampant nature of gene-modification, the only reliable way to differentiate a Mutt from an Iyzmiskan is the presence of this chip. As a result, there are rumors that those within the walls looking to obtain an “aftermarket” chip for themselves or their offspring can obtain one, at a price: the life of another Phuzo. Since these cybernetic chips require living tissue in order to function, A Phuzo looking to get a chip transplant must have a fairly recent source, and a capable surgeon.

event recaps

The following is a collection of data from past events on Elleron.


In the late months of 20010, the Guard Captain of the Wall, Astyr, is demoted to desk work after a Mutt manages to escape detainment and leap over the wall. As part of this punishment, Astyr is relegated to process the filing of Exploration ID’s - A form of identification stating that an individual is cleared for entering and returning from the Wastes - for eager Iyzmiskans who wish to reap the rewards of the wilds. Of course, everything that these avid explorers bring back with them is confiscated at the gates to ensure the safety of the citizens inside. If the haul is deemed permissible, then, with a little tax from the gate guards, Phuzos were allowed to keep their items.

As the grueling sands were explored, many Phuzo came across an outpost surrounded by pillars of metal scrap and junk, as well as a few eerie structures that appeared to be statuesque in nature. The owner of the outpost proved to be a mutated Mutt with half a face, who called himself “Scavver”. Scavver greeted all who wished to make a trade, Mutt or Iyzmiskan alike, and promised only the best deals. Of course, these deals were often ‘best’ for him, but Scavver proved to be a reliable source of trading for Phuzo new and old to the wastes.


While more and more Phuzo became somewhat comfortable with venturing beyond the great walls of their City, the back and forth traffic allowed more Anarchists to slip in undetected. So it was that the head of Praque’s Security and Defense Force, “The Scorpion'', announced a hunt to track down and apprehend a particularly heinous Anarchist.

Twenty potential suspects were brought forth and detained, and told that they were to prove their own innocence as they questioned each of the three remaining witnesses. As each witness provided their testimony, some instances of their feed would be hacked to provide misinformation. With the Anarchist’s identity growing ever closer, they began to lash out and attack their fellow suspects, leaving many temporarily hospitalized.
As the final witness left the stand and the final votes were tallied, it was revealed to the group that OFF #029 - “Adonis”, was the Anarchist. However, Adonis reported that he had no recollection of the events, claiming that he was “hacked”.

The Iyzmiskan Police Department apprehended him anyway, and the remaining suspects were allowed to leave after being thanked for their service in making Praque a safer place. Whilst delivering his speech, The Scorpion’s feed was hacked, In which an individual dubbing themselves “The Liar, District Dictator”, claimed that the Anarchist who had been apprehended was simply one of many lurking amidst the population. They went on to claim, “We now have the capability to turn each of you against eachother. To force even the most pacifistic to slaughter. The ways of separating us, from you, will be your downfall. Do not mistake our actions for hapless violence. You have pushed us to this point, and you are no longer fit to call yourselves the rulers of this world.”


As many citizens were disturbed by the proclamation and a subsequent attack by the anarchist group, a curfew was placed on the city. Riots and other displays of dissatisfaction continued to crop up as well. Shining as a beacon of hope for those who wished for better things, a group of individuals called “The Truth Seekers”, led by a man named “Rhecka”, stated that it was their goal to find and root out the Anarchists from their great city. He claimed that the public “must know the truth”, and that those committed to the cause must find the Mutts beyond the wall and prove their innocence. Of course, with the gates locked down, individuals aiding the Truth Seekers were allowed to utilize an old drainage pipe to venture out, in exchange for evidence.

With individuals from all over the City bringing heaps of evidence plucked from the ruins of ancient buildings and information from the central hub of the Mutts, dubbed “Sanctuary”, The Truth Seekers claimed that they had received enough to make their statement on who the true mastermind behind the anarchist attacks was. Individuals who had helped were told to expect a city-wide broadcast; The public was going to know the truth.
On the 18th of the 9th month, 20011, Two months before a full year of Praque’s initiative to rebuild in full force, the city of Praque went dark. Silence crept over the once-bustling city, before a voice called out to them, crackling through the speakers of every device in the dark. It was Rhecka, greeting the citizens of Praque, and the Iyzmiskan Empire. As the lights came back on, the blue glow of Iysmiska was soon corrupted, turning a burning crimson red with the Iyzmiskan Crest inverting. The Phuzo himself, clad in black and obscured, save for the two long horns that curled behind his head, soon appeared on screen as well. He declared that he and his organization had identified the mastermind of the hacking, with the help of many citizens alike: Himself. Cackling with glee, he proclaimed that “Neighbor [would] turn on neighbor, and the great city of Praque [would] fall.” While the visual of Rhecka was replaced with a countdown timer of one minute, his laughter purveyed throughout the city.
Once the timer reached zero, half of the population fell to the ground. Then, those who had fallen stood at attention, as if waiting for a command. Another timer, counting from three, to two, to one, precluded the chaos that unfolded as each of Rhecka’s still soldiers leapt upon one another to wreak havoc. Their chips had been hacked, rendering their bodies to Rhecka’s control, but, in some cases, their minds still free. The streets became unbearable, with many losing their lives, and even more succumbing to being hacked due to proximity.Those who were able to break free of their hacking, or had never been hacked, were able to escape with their lives as the city delved further and further into bloodshed and horror. For many, the last thing they heard as they fled was Rhecka’s cackling, claiming “For a better and brighter Iyzmiska”, in a tone that was clearly mocking the lauded head of NEOGEN, Marcel.


As many of the survivors escaped Praque, the one safe haven many could think of to go was Sanctuary, home of the Mutts. Understandably, the elected Queen of Sanctuary, “Ari”, was more than a little hesitant to allow a sheer amount of outsiders into their arms. Especially ones from an institution that had so long declared her people as cruel and menacing. Convinced by her brother, “Rai”, Ari allowed the refugees a haven within her city, in return for their assistance with tasks that would benefit the community. Naught had been forgiven, nor forgotten, but it would be by their deeds and not their words that Ari would judge them.


As the refugees worked diligently to prove themselves, a garbled transmission came through their tireless attempts to regain contact with the city. However, upon efforts with the community to decode the message, it proved to not be from the city at all. A Phuzo from space had requested aid in finding a landing spot in order to perform repairs. With the city under Rhecka’s control, the only functioning spaceport on the planet was inoperable, to say the least.

Upon landing not too far from Sanctuary, the Phuzo who had assisted with the spacefarer’s descent was greeted by a large amount of green slime coating the inside of the ship. Those who got too close were surprised by the maw of a small creature leaping out towards them, before being restrained by another Phuzo from within. The man looked goopy himself, as well as reasonably tired. He introduced himself as “Oleander”, cutting himself off before he could say more as the little creatures escaped into the sands. He requested assistance in reclaiming all of the little guys, offering to trade with those who helped once they were all recovered.Upon returning the creatures, dubbed “Ribrippers”, by Oleander, the goopy Phuzo set up a shop for himself by his ship while working on repairs. However, it seemed as though not all the locals were too keen on his presence, as Ari had stated some hesitancy about a stranger in their backyard, and Scavver’s reaction upon hearing of Oleander’s status as a shopkeeper seemed to imply a rivalry of sorts…

Domesticated Fauna

The desire for companionship is common even in Praque. While Phuzos do enjoy the presence of other Phuzos, sometimes they need some time apart from their own kind. Phuzos have taken to domesticating some of the fauna found across Elleron, taking in these creatures as pets.


"Intelligent and fiercely loyal beasts, if you can manage to tame them." - Oleander

An alien species brought to Elleron by a space-traveling Phuzo named Oleander. After nearly crashing his ship, a few Ribrippers managed to escape ino the wilderness. These feral Ribrippers now live in caves beneath the desert sands, coming out at night to hunt for prey.-More Coming Soon-


"They're the perfect companion for any young Phuzo with the dedication to train them." - Marcel, Phoolzo Creator

Phoolzos were created on accident, but after a shockingly positive response from the public, NEOGEN now produces them and sells them to pet stores all across Praque.They are considered a 'luxury pet' but can be commonly found throughout all Praque households.Every Phoolzo has an instinctive desire to cause mischief. They greatly enjoy playing pranks on their owners.

They come in many different shapes and sizes. The smallest being roughly 8 inches from shoulder to paw and the tallest being 8 feet from shoulder to paw.

Phoolzo's noses are actually very sensitive. They do honk when squeezed and if you squeeze their nose very forcefully they will go stiff like a fainting goat for approximately 10 seconds. This is very helpful to prevent them from causing mischief.Some Phoolzo are more intelligent than others. While they cannot speak, they can understand a wide variety of commands once being taught what they mean. If given a device that allows them to communicate back, (such as buttons tied to vocalized words) they can actually carry out a conversation.

Terms of Service

When you join the group you are agreeing to the TOS below.
Last Updated: 03/09/2021
If you have any questions, please join our discord server or contact kami on discord @ kamideviant#8784

User Restrictions

Phuzomedes are a closed species and cannot be created for free without an existing MYO or explicit permission from Kujiikins/KamiDeviant.This group is 16+, meaning if you are under the age of 16 then you are not allowed to join or own a Phuzomedes.Additionally, anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted to purchase adopts or items with legal tender due to United States laws. Those under 18 are only allowed to obtain Phuzos through gifts, trades, raffles or via the group's prompt system.When you purchase or obtain an adopt or a MYO you are purchasing/obtaining only a partial right to their Intellectual Property.You are not permitted to sell/trade/gift characters from the edge of elleron to black listed members. Black listed members are listed below:



When designing your MYO, make sure it abides by all the following rules.The rarity of your MYO affects the traits you may use. Do not use traits outside of what you’re allowed to use unless you have items that allow you to do so.A MYO should not be heavily inspired by copy righted characters.MYO slots can be sold for the price they were obtained.MYO slots may be traded, but once traded lose their value and can no longer be sold for real money.MYO slots cannot be re-used.Once you have a design ready for your MYO, please seek the design approval channel in the discord and complete the process there.Any artist can be commissioned to design your MYO. The amount paid to the artist CAN increase the value of your MYO, but it must first be approved by a moderator as a reasonable transaction and not an attempt to simply boost the value of the MYO. Abuse of this system will have it removed.When commissioning other artists to design a character for you, please be sure to abide by their TOS as well as the species TOS.All MYO design submissions must have at least a single unshaded full body image of the character with a transparent background.There is no cool down on the trading of MYOs at the moment.


A MYO may be completely overhauled IF you are the original owner of this specific MYO.If you obtain a MYO with an existing design from another user, you lose the ability to completely overhaul them UNLESS the original design was voided and the MYO is empty once again. This is to protect the initial design and avoid MYOs from being passed around and completely revamped as they go from owner to owner.Common traits may be swapped out for other common traits, (ex: making a long tufted ear look like a small round ear) but higher traits cannot be changed or swapped out without a gene splicing kit. This also applies to common luxuries, you cannot change what higher level traits were selected for a pre-existing common luxury without a gene splicing kit.Each subsequent redesign of a MYO or Official Design has a one month cool down. This cool down can be rejected if you have a gene splicing kit that you're using to add a trait.When altering the colors or markings of your MYO, it must retain at least 50% of the initial design. Extreme changes in markings means the colors should stay roughly the same and vice versaWhen altering the colors or markings of your Official Design, it must retain at least 75% of the initial design. Extreme changes in markings means the colors should stay roughly the same and vice versa.When commissioning other artists to design a character for you, please be sure to abide by their TOS as well as the species TOS.All MYO design submissions must have at least a single unshaded full body image of the character with a transparent background.

Traits and Mutations

You can change and swap out your traits whenever you’d like but it does qualify as a redesign. Make sure the traits you are adding still fall under the correct rarity of the MYO/Official Design before submitting it to the design approval channel.When adding traits beyond what your MYO or Official Design first came with, you are eligible for a random chance at a mutation. Let the moderator know that you’d like to roll for a Mutation when you’re submitting your redesign, otherwise you will not be entered for one.

Buying, Selling and Trading

The value of your Phuzomedes can vary. Initially, you may not sell your MYO or Official Design for more than you purchased it for. If you commission an artist for art of the character, then the value of the slot MAY increase. In order for this to be approved, you must go through an appraisal process. Contact a senior moderator with proof of the commission and the price you paid. If the moderator feels the price isn’t an accurate reflection of the art commissioned, they may reject the price adjustment or suggest a lower amount of money. You may only ask for an appraisal once a month.When selling and trading, be sure to notify a moderator of all trades/sales/transfers of ownership. The transfer of ownership must be reflected on the masterlist.If you are not listed as the offical owner of a Phuzumedes on the masterlist then you cannot trade it or offer it to others.Co-owning a design is not permitted.Backing out of an auction bid can result in a strike unless a liable reason is provided.Backing out of a trade or sale once it’s official (meaning it’s been brought to a moderator’s attention) can result in a strike.If a Phuzomedes does not have a value listed, they cannot be traded for anything other than art or other characters. Even if they do have a value listed you can only purchase them with USD. You cannot trade them for material objects like gift cards, electronics, favors etc.When buying an Official Design, you are required to pay the full amount owed within 24 hours.Do not bid on an auction if you have no intention of paying for it. You have 24 hours to pay the invoice or else the design will be offered to the second highest bidder.Failing to pay for adopts or auctions will result in a strike, unless a valid excuse is provided.You may claim or bid on an auction for another user. Make sure to clarify that you are bidding for someone else if they're going to be the one paying. If you're the one paying, then you only need to clarify who the new owner is once the auction closes.Do not enter design giveaways or free raffles for others. These giveaways and raffles should be fair for everyone. Entering for your friend gives them an unfair advantage. Only enter these giveaways if you intend on keeping the design you win. Abuse of this system will cause a trading cool down to be implemented.

Removal From The Species

You will receive a warning for each strike you earn.Upon reaching three strikes, moderators will discuss whether or not your offenses are severe enough for you to be banned from the species.If you are banned from the species for violating the terms above, you may be allowed to keep your owned designs at the expense of them being voided from the Masterlist.
If this occurs, you will be responsible to adjust the characters design to no longer resemble a Phuzomedes.